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Originally the home of the Unkechaug Indians, they called the area of land which is now Bellport, Occumbomock, which means over against the fishing place. That “fishing place” referring to the old inlet that stretched from the south bayinto the ocean. The land on which Bellport is located including Fire Place Neck, which would be considered present day Brookhaven Hamlet, were purchased by the early founders of the Town of Brookhaven, at Setauket, from Tobaccus, Sachem of the Unkechaug Indians on June 10th 1664. The purchase was made for fifty fadum of wampum but alternatively 4 coats and £6/10 shillings were accepted. The 18th century held many purchases and acquisitions of the land making up Bellport and the surrounding areas, during which the Rose family became the principal land owners of Bellport until shortly prior to the Revolutionary War.

As history would have it, by the early 19th century Captain Thomas Bell found himself in Bellport, then Occumbomock, by way of work assignment, to wreck a ship off the Great South Bay. Falling enamored with the area’s charm and commercial potential, Thomas and his brother John made their first land purchase in 1829. Bellport South Shore location was ideal for clamming and fishing and was originally thought to be a commercial seaport, which for many years residents made their living by. With the eventual closure of the inlet, which allowed access to the ocean, Bellport grew as place more suited for leisure and recreation. Enjoyed just as much for its beauty as it was for its recreational opportunities, Many New York City residents began to visit and make Bellport Village their summer retreat. Adding to Bellport’s appeal is its 65 mile proximity to New York City. Thus Bellport as a summer retreat, takes it place as one of the oldest in Suffolk County, and has numbered among its visitors and admirers, some of the most prominent people in the social, business and artistic world. A long standing tradition Bellport continues today.